Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's been a year

I don't want to be all facebooky dramatic and vague.

It's been a year since my Grandpa passed away. This is just the beginning of a bunch of "it's been a year since" milestones from the past 12 months. Most of which I'd rather not remember.

It's been a shitty 12 month.  Not as bad as some (or most) I'm sure. But in my experience, these last 12 months have had some pretty big valleys and not so many peaks.

Here's praying that the next 12 months take on a different tone.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Say it ain't so Brian...

I've you've read my blog before, you know I tend to get to get on a soapbox about journalism pretty easily.

My other hot issue is fighting against mental illness stigma.

So imagine my surprise when I read this blog today.

What were you thinking Brian Williams? You are one of the last few journalists I have a modicum of respect for. Why, Brian, why. You can watch him on youtube here - stating that Ariel Castro is "arguably the face of mental illness" and that he is justifying his crimes by "appropriating the language of the addiction and treatment culture” and declaring himself ”sick.”".

The new AP Stylebook specifically addresses mental illness. It specifically says to NOT do what you did.  So why Brian?


If you want to join me in making a difference, please sign a petition demanding an apology from NBC News.

Sign the petition here.

Things aren't going to change until we stand up and demand it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Civil Rights & Leaky stuff...

I know I should post a fun post about my recent trip to St. Maarten, or perhaps a recap of my parade filled weekend (Blackhawks and Pride), but ...

I just started reading this week's Time magazine - so that means Soap Box time. You've been warned. Feel free to close on out of this post and come back for vacation recap fun at a later date.

I'm starting to think I shouldn't read things like Time it more often than not leads me to a soap box or just an overall "icky" feeling about this world we all live in. But I suppose that's better than ignorance and complacency. Not that those are the only two alternatives...oh boy. Let's move on.

I've been thinking a lot about Civil Rights lately. I recently finished reading The Help which brought the Civil Rights movements of the 60s to mind. I was listening to a podcast (shoot, I can't remember which one), where they related the recent struggles for marriage equality and immigration as our generations civil rights fight. One of those correlations that make you go, "huh" and gets you thinking.  Felt even more real with the recent SCOTUS beat down on DOMA, prop 8, Wendy Davis taking on Texas, etc. It's been a cool week.

So anyway - back to Time magazine - I was reading an article by Fareed Zakaria (who I like anytime I've seen him on The Daily Show) about these data leak scandals (You can read here). He opened with a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. 

"One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law."
I. Love. This. Quote.

I haven't really figured out what my opinion is on the leaks, but find the topic of personal privacy vs national security very interesting. I think this quote is just as important today as it was when he said it.

This quote definitely helped me form an opinion on the people doing the leaking. If you're doing something because you believe in it, then you need to stick around for the consequences. I think that makes your cause even more powerful. Zakaria went on to site other examples like Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Now compared to these tough guys, the leaky data dudes seem a little wussy. I'm not sure I'm articulating what I'm thinking on this...but dang I'm fired up.

I'm sure I'm making light of Snowden and the like. But it seems that comparably, this generation of freedom fighters (or whatever we label them as) aren't as deeply committed as their predecessors. But I suppose in this world of 24/7 news and the sensationalizing of anything there in, it is a different world.

Ugh. I don't know. It just all feels icky.

If you bump into me on Mondays, just know I've probably been reading Time and am probably all bothered about something. Apologies in advance :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Corporate Challenge 2013

I did it! I participated (notice I did NOT say ran) in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge again this year.

(Notice the guy in a box...that's because unlike last year, it was FREEZING and windy outside. You never can tell with Chicago weather)

While I didn't get as good of a time as last year, I had fun and finished! I didn't walk by myself like last year and had fun getting to know two of my co-workers. There were lots of laughs and a good time was had by all.

Next year, I"m going to try and improve my time.

Well probably...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mount Kilimanjaro

I'm so green with envy.

So jealous.

One of my friends is leaving today to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro.

This is definitely moving to the top of my bucket list. Obviously I'd need to get in A LOT better shape...but DANG I want to go!

That is all. Just an update to the ol bucket list.

Antarctica trip is totally still on there. When did I get so adventurous? huh.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DC Trip!!

Just got back from an EPIC trip to DC this weekend. I took Thursday - Monday off and headed to DC with a friend to visit her sister.

The trip started off on a good foot. After an hour of searching for her sister at the airport, we determined that we flew into the wrong freaking airport.

Finally we made it into DC via the Super Shuttle. We stayed up until 5am like school girls at a slumber party. So much fun!

Friday we met up with their bro for brunch then shopping in the city. I made Sarah and Courtney at least walk by the White House but as we did, they spotted a celebrity! So we tracked him down, had a series of embarrassing moments but eventually walked away with 3 free tickets to his comedy show that night!

We had a pretty tough rest of the day what with the Mani/Pedi's at Mimosa Salon then a visit to the Foot Reflexologist...oh and a few cocktails in between. Then got dolled up for our free tickets to the show! Let me tell you, comedy is even better when it's free!

Saturday we got up "early" and met their bro again for brunch. We sat outside in the sun and it was perfect weather. Spent the rest of the day shopping at the Union Market and the Eastern (not Easter as I had been thinking) markets. Went out again Saturday night for Sarah's b-day.  Courtney and I weren't embarrassing at all.

Sunday we woke up (barely) and flew back to Chicago :(

Epic Weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Great Gun Debate

** Updated so I don't make myself sound like such a terrible person.

I just finished listening to an interest podcast from Freakonomics radio about the gun control debate. If you've read the book, you can appreciate how they are able to draw interesting correlations between seemingly unrelated topics. So this episode was about gun control...

Other than the over-use of my least favorite words "Crazies" "Nut jobs", etc. It was an interesting episode.  Some points that really stuck out to me:
  • Guns are non-perishable, so focusing on restricting the sale of new guns won't do a whole lot since there are so many already in existence.
  • The overriding theme was that we need to restrict those using guns, not guns on their own. So mandatory sentence enhancements for crimes involving guns would be a step in the right direction. (Not just shootings, but where the criminal was in possession of a gun)
  • There was a point made about what gun regulation would look like if they were new. You might have to just listen to the podcast to get the full scope of that point, link above.
  • Bottom line was that we need to look deeper - not at getting rid of guns, but "getting rid" of those committing gun violence through better parenting, more empathetic society, etc.
All of these points seem to go along with a previous soapbox that guns aren't the issue, our culture of guns is. Just as the culture of smoking has changed, so too does the culture of guns. Cigarettes haven't gone away, but we no longer live in a society that promotes smoking.

Anyway, it's an interesting debate and a complex one with more than answer.